Online Banking How-To Videos

Check out our library of How-To Demo Videos to help assist you in learning how to use our new Online Banking Platform Xpress.

Sign in as an Existing User

Once you’ve created your User Profile, learn how you will Sign In going forward.

How to Sign in New User

Learn how to Sign In to Online Banking for the first time.

Sign in for Small Business

Learn how to Sign In to Online Banking as a Small Business or Organization for the first time.

Set up e-Transfer

In this How-to video learn how to set up your e-Transfer profile, add a contact and send an e-Transfer.

Accept an e-Transfer

Learn how to accept an e-transfer in this How-to video.

Cancel an e-Transfer

Need to cancel an e-Transfer? Learn how in this How-to video. Check it out.

Reset your password

Forgot your password? No problem, learn how to reset your password in this How-to video.

How to deposit a cheque

Need to deposit a cheque? No problem, learn how you can use your smart phone to deposit a cheque.

How to set up alerts

Learn how to set up security & account alerts for each of your Luseland CU accounts.

How to add a bill payee

Learn how to add a New Bill Payee in Online Banking. It’s quick & easy.

Set up Recurring Payments

Learn how you can easily set up recurring bill payments for convenience and to save you time.

Set up favorite transactions

You can create favourite transactions to simplify transactions that you plan to conduct often. Check it out!

Transfer to another member

Learn how to transfer funds to another Luseland CU member with just their account number.

Consolidate Profiles

Learn how to consolidate your profiles to enable you to switch back and forth between business and personal profiles.

Manage Business Delegates

Small Business/Org Users, learn how to manage your delegates.

*Option not available on the app*

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