Rooted deeply in the agricultural heritage of Saskatchewan, Luseland Credit Union stands as a beacon of financial support with its adaptable lending services tailored exclusively for farmers. Beyond offering competitive loans free of prepayment penalties, our integrated CUMIS Insurance ensures our members face the unpredictable with confidence, exemplifying our unparalleled commitment to the farming community. 

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Farm Loans

Luseland Credit Union pioneers a financial path for farmers with its specialized farm loans that transcend traditional lending. Our solutions, finely tuned for agricultural pursuits—from purchasing livestock to covering unexpected expenses—are a testament to our exclusive focus on empowering the agriculturalists who nurture the land. 

Mortgage Loans

Luseland Credit Union distinguishes itself in the agricultural finance landscape with Mortgage Loans that go beyond conventional offerings. Enhanced by eligibility for CALA loans, we provide unique opportunities for farmers to secure essential resources with optimized down payments, reflecting our profound dedication to fostering agricultural growth. 

Lines of Credit

Luseland Credit Union’s Lines of Credit represent a financial lifeline uniquely crafted for the agricultural sector. By offering direct account linkage for swift fund access, we equip farmers with a dynamic tool to navigate fluctuating financial needs, solidifying our role as a dedicated partner in agricultural success. 

Quick Loans

Specifically designed for the swift-paced agricultural environment, Luseland Credit Union’s Quick Loans stand out with their flexible advancement and repayment structure. This bespoke financial solution affirms our exclusive commitment to supporting farmers in maintaining a balanced cash flow, empowering them to thrive through every season.