When to use Interac e-Transfer:
  • Splitting the bill in a restaurant.
  • Paying a roommate for your portion of rent or bills.
  • Sending some birthday cash to a family member.
  • Paying for everyday purchases such as housekeeping, babysitting or home repairs.

What are the benefits for you:

  • Convenient and Simple to Use!
  • Saves Time and Money!
  • Secure!

How to send an Interac e-Transfer:

  1. Log into digital banking and navigate to the “Transfers” screen
  2. Set up your sender profile and add your recipient – make sure to create a Security Question that only your recipient knows the answer to.
  3. Choose how to notify your recipient, the amount you wish to send and which account the funds will be transferred from. You can also choose to send a special message or memo to your recipient.
  4. Send! The funds are debited from your account immediately.
  5. Your recipient will receive notification that you have sent them an INTERAC e-Transfer, and will follow the links provided in the email or text message to deposit their funds.
  6. Once they have answered the security question correctly, they can deposit the funds immediately – no holds, no hassle!

How to receive an Interac e-Transfer:

  1. Receive an email and/or a text message stating that someone has sent you an e-Transfer for a certain amount of money.
  2. Click on the link inside teh email or text message and follow the prompts to deposit the e-Transfer into your account.
  3. You will need to login to digital banking in order to receive the e-Transfer.
  4. You will also need to answer a security question, a question that is setup by the e-Transfer sender.

e-Transfer Limits:

Sending Limits:

Per Transaction: $3,000.
Per Week (last 7 days): $10,000.
Per Month (last 30 days): $20,000.

What other e-Transfer features are there?:

Autodeposit: allows you to automatically deposit funds into your Luseland CU account. No more logging into online banking and answering a security question.

How do you sign up for Autodeposit:

  1. Sign into digital banking/LCU mobile app;
  2. Go to send an e-Transfer;
  3. Select “Autodeposit”;
  4. Complete the steps to register.

Request Money: allows you to send a e-Transfer request for money. This feature is great for small business owners. The recipient gets notified, accepts the request, and the funds are sent.

How do you Request Money:

  1. Sign into digital banking/LCU mobile app;
  2. Select “Transfers”; then “Request e-Transfer”;
  3. Complete the steps to Request Money.