If you are a member who uses digital banking to access your banking information e-Statements are the perfect choice.

  • Always available.
  • Includes images of all cheques and details of all card transactions.
  • Just like paper statements, e-statements are created on the 7th of the month for personal accounts and the 30th of the month for business accounts.

How to access your e-Statements?

Online Banking:

  1. Sign in to online banking on desktop/tablet.
    2. Click ‘My Luseland’ and ‘Settings’.
    3. ‘Statement Preferences’
    3. Select the account.
    4. Toggle on/off for the desired accounts.
    6. Click ‘Save’.

Mobile App:

  1. Sign in to online banking on the mobile app.
    2. Tap ‘More’(located bottom right-hand corner), choose ‘General Settings’, and
    then ‘Statements’.
    3. Choose the account.
    4. Then toggle on/off for the desired account.
    5. Click ‘Save’.