Samsung Pay

Adding a card to Samsung Pay®:

1. Open the Samsung Pay® app

2. Follow the prompts to add your card and a 4-digit PIN

Check out Samsung Pay®’s Terms and Conditions here.

Am I eligible for Samsung Pay?

If you have a MemberCard and an eligible Samsung device, then you can get Samsung Pay! Samsung Pay is available to consumers and small businesses.

Which Samsung devices support Interac® Debit on Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is available on the latest Samsung devices.

Will Samsung Pay work on any Android/Windows/Blackberry/iOS device?

Samsung Pay is currently only available on eligible Samsung devices.

Can I use my Samsung Watch with Samsung Pay?

No, Interac® Debit on Samsung Pay is not yet supported on Samsung wearable devices.

How many devices can I add my card to?

There is no maximum number of devices to which you can add your MemberCard for Samsung Pay. However, you are responsible for verifying the validity of the MemberCard on each device, and for any charges made with the card to your account.

How do I pay with a card that isn’t my default card?

Open Samsung Pay on your phone and touch Wallet, touch the CREDIT/DEBIT tab, and then select your MemberCard.

How do I make my MemberCard my default card?

You do not have the ability to set a default card in Samsung Pay. The last card used or viewed would be the card defaulted for payment. You can swipe left and right to scroll through your payment cards and select the one you want to use for payment.

Is there a maximum dollar amount for a purchase?

No. There is no maximum value for Samsung Pay transactions, since each purchase is verified within Samsung Pay using PIN, fingerprint or iris scan.

Am I subject to a daily spending limit?

Yes. Luseland Credit Union will continue to monitor your total spending across the payment services that access your account, including your MemberCard at retail locations via Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay purchases are included in your existing total limit.

Is there a cost to using Samsung Pay?

No. There is no cost to using Samsung Pay with Luseland Credit Union.

Where can I pay with Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay using your MemberCard works wherever Interac® Flash is accepted.

How do I view recent Samsung Pay transactions?

To view your most recent Samsung Pay transactions, open Samsung Pay and select your MemberCard. The transaction panel will display your most recent transactions first. To view more transactions, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

How do I remove a card from Samsung Pay?

Open the Samsung Pay app. Touch Wallet, and then touch CREDIT/DEBIT. Select the card you want to remove, and then touch “…” (the three dots at the top of the screen) for More Options. Touch Delete Card and then choose a reason for removing the card. Touch DELETE and then authenticate using your PIN, fingerprint or iris scan.

My device was lost or was stolen, and I want to delete my card. What do I do?

If your device has been lost or stolen, call us immediately at 306-372-4444 to remove your card from Samsung Pay. You can also log in to Find My Mobile and select Erase Data to permanently remove all data, including any payment cards enabled in Samsung Pay.

Do I need network access to make a purchase?

No. Your Samsung device (powered and unlocked) has everything you need to complete a purchase at a retailer, even without network access. As with card purchases, you may not complete a purchase if the POS terminal is off-line or unavailable.

How do I do a Refund?

Refunds are initiated by the Merchant at the POS terminal following the same process as a purchase within Samsung Pay.

I’m having trouble with Samsung Pay. Who do I contact?

If you are having difficulties with Samsung Pay, please call us at 306-372-4444 and we will be happy to answer your questions. If you are having issues with your Samsung device, please contact Samsung directly at 1-844-SAM-PAYS (1-844-726-7297).

Are Samsung Pay transactions secure?

Yes. Each Samsung Pay transaction is protected by, and requires, your authorization using PIN, fingerprint or iris scan. Samsung Pay uses tokenization, a secure environment, and Samsung KNOX to secure your payment information. Card information is encrypted and securely sent to the appropriate card network. Upon determining their card validity, account information, and device integrity, Interac sends a token to the device. The token is stored in the Trusted Execution Environment on the device, leveraging Samsung KNOX’s Architecture. No debit card information is stored on Samsung’s devices or servers.