Agriculture Accounts

Agriculture has been a part of Luseland Credit Union since the Credit Union began. We continue to maintain a zero service charge environment for cheque writing, deposits, point of sale purchases, and ATM withdrawals. This allows the Credit Union to keep the number of types of accounts at a lower level, making it much simpler to do your banking. There is no need for a member to hold multiple accounts when there are no service charges.

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Our Chequing account is a very convenient account for all your everyday needs.

  • No service charges for cheque writing, deposits, debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals – it is all FREE!
  • Monthly statements are available electronically or as a paper copy.
  • Personalized cheques are available and images of your cashed cheques are included with your monthly statement.
Regular Savings

LCU Regular Savings accounts are flexible and service charge free, a simple way to save for all your farming needs.

  • Interest is calculated on the minimum monthly balance and is paid annually on December 31.
  • There is a 2 day grace period when calculating the minimum monthly balance and as such deposits made on the 2nd of any month will qualify for interest in that month.
  • All interest earned on Regular Savings is eligible for the patronage payment.
Plan 24 Savings

Plan 24 savings accounts are a good choice for short term savings. When you have a sum of money and you have a farming bill to pay in less than 30 days, this is the account for you.

  • The Plan 24 account accrues interest on a daily basis.
  • Interest is paid monthly at month end.
  • All interest earned on Plan 24 accounts is eligible for the patronage payment.
Agri-Invest Savings

Agri-Invest is a federal–provincial-territorial initiative implemented as a business risk management program to help the agricultural sector manage risks and improve market income.

  • Producers who are eligible for the program will receive their deposit information from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
  • LCU Agri-Invest accounts calculate interest on the minimum monthly balance.
  • Interest is paid annually on December 31.
  • Statements are produced monthly.
  • Government matched funds are deposited directly into the account.